Advancing AI in the Enterprise

Strategic Integration of Knowledge Engineering and Prompt Engineering

Understanding and leveraging how Information Architecture (IA) supports AI synergies between knowledge engineering and prompt engineering is critical for senior leaders looking to successfully deploy AI for internal and externally facing knowledge processes. This webinar be a high-level overview of the methodologies that can elevate AI-driven knowledge processes supporting both employees and customers.

Original Webinar Date: April 2024

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In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront of business innovation, Information Architecture (IA) is at the core of functionality. See “There’s No AI Without IA” – (from 2016 but even more relevant today) 

This webinar equips business and technology leaders to maximize AI's potential, propelling their organizations to the forefront of digital transformation. Discover how to optimize Information Architecture (IA) and AI for strategic innovation and success.


Topics We'll Cover

Strategic Knowledge Engineering

Delve into how structuring AI's knowledge base is required to prevent hallucinations and enable contextual retrieval of accurate information. This will include discussion of gold-standard libraries of use cases that support testing various LLMs and structures and configurations of knowledge bases.

Precision in Prompt Engineering

Learn the art of crafting prompts that direct AI to deliver targeted, relevant responses, thereby optimizing customer experiences and business outcomes.

Join us in June 2024 for a more focused discussion of prompt engineering in Part 2: Focus on Prompt Design Approaches.

Unified Approach for Enhanced AI Performance

Explore the intersection of knowledge and prompt engineering to develop AI systems that are not only more responsive but also aligned with overarching business strategies.

Guiding Principles for Implementation

Equip yourself with best practices, ethical guidelines, and strategic considerations for embedding these technologies into your business ecosystem effectively.

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Expand beyond insights

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the prominence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a catalyst for innovation cannot be overstated. At the heart of AI's functionality lies Information Architecture (IA), a fundamental component that orchestrates the seamless integration of AI into organizational processes.

We will look at the pivotal relationship between Information Architecture (IA) and AI, particularly for senior leaders striving to effectively deploy AI across internal and external knowledge workflows.