Case Study

Foundational Taxonomy Facilitates Knowledge Sharing | Department of Health & Human Services



The Department of Health & Human Services needed to support the Health Information Technology Act by providing a knowledge sharing environment that had a robust  knowledge domain taxonomy. They wanted a solution  for creating  and assigning metadata in a Wiki –based Community of Practice environment to be used by a broad range of healthcare, government and technology audiences.


Through a combination of working sessions, interviews and content discovery searches, the Earley Information Science team developed and documented a multi-faceted taxonomy covering all of health information technology. EIS introduced the Knowledge Sharing Network development team to  principles of taxonomy and solicited validation of an improved vocabulary for its scope and potential reuse across ONC initiatives. The team delivered  workshops and demonstrations on taxonomy, SharePoint search integration, faceted search and principles of governance.


The result was a framework that helped guide and govern the development of this site.  It included:

  • Proposed tagging methods and development options for integrating faceted taxonomy into document submission and user interfaces.
  • Proposed metadata schema and taxonomy-based network folder mapping options for Wiki environment.
  • Provided  the faceted taxonomy framework for ONCs multi-dimensional Knowledge Sharing Network.

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