Case Study

Health Insurance Provider Streamlines Marketing Content Use and Reuse



This health insurance provider sought to streamline its marketing content creation. Future business strategy and changing B2B buyer/ sales models were driving the need for more insightful, reusable, and personalized content. Sales teams were under pressure to deliver relevant information, and content tools were not always up to the job as the company transformed to a more digital approach. Productivity and sales results were impacted as sales teams had to visit multiple repositories to fulfill their information needs, but were unable to find most updated content


Earley Information Science (EIS) prepared a content classification strategy for omnichannel content marketing, including omnichannel marketing facets, content types, asset types. In addition, EIS developed related metadata schemas, work-in-progress object models, and tagging workflow, We also made recommendations for future state component authoring. 


The health insurance company now has a content classification strategy for omnichannel content marketing.  A central content repository utilizes metadata schemas and taxonomies for consistent search results. Workflow has been optimized to move content and fragments to the appropriate distribution channel efficiently and effectively, supporting the sales teams’ ability to provide relevant, personalized content

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