Case Study

Industrial Manufacturer Establishes Roadmap to Digital Transformation



This global manufacturer of precision instrumentation is in the process of re-envisioning its business across all markets. This digital transformation will impact many systems throughout the business, and in order for the manufacturer to succeed, the systems will need to be aligned in a way that allows them to work together. As a part of the transformation, the organization is also undertaking a full redesign and re-implementation of master data and content enrichment.



Earley Information Science (EIS) worked with the client to assess its capabilities, develop a roadmap to restructure the company’s operations. In addition, EIS analyzed the various platforms (ecommerce, ERP, CRM, PIM, Marketing Automation, etc.) that the company was using. This assessment was used to support development of a new operating model for the company as a services and platform provider, as well as support the first phase of implementation.



The outcome of this phase of the project was a three-year roadmap to digital transformation. The systems that were re-aligned included enterprise content management, e-commerce, CRM and product data platforms. EIS helped the organization develop a content strategy and a full-scale PIM implementation with data migration from legacy data sources (e.g., website, product brochures, etc.). These actions will allow the company to transition into its desired role as a services and platform provider.

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