Case Study

Multinational Conglomerate Reimagines Digital Ecosystem for Improved Customer Experience




This multinational conglomerate had a digital ecosystem consisting of thousands of fragmented and disjointed customer, partner, and employee-facing web and mobile applications..​  This digital fragmentation created fundamental business issues for the company.  For instance, customers could not easily experience the breadth of the company's offerings. The lack of an overview forced customers to go to multiple destinations to get the information they needed.  Content and product information quality, accuracy, timeliness, and language standards were impossible to govern across these fragmented sites. The client needed to align its content across its many applications, develop an effective search function, and formulate a comprehensive digital strategy that would provide the user experience its customers needed.



Earley Information Science (EIS) worked with the client on the development of a CX and EX strategy, content strategy, roadmap, integration architecture, requirements and governance model.  This included : ​

  • Defining the key digital touchpoints for customer journeys​ 
  • Describing how these touchpoints will change in the future​
  • Articulating how other market leaders are transforming their approach to Digital​
  • Find out how the client compared​
  • Documenting what the client's customers want​
  • Documenting what the client's many business units need​
  • Translating these findings to a strategy​, a roadmap, and action plan​




A three-year digital transformation roadmap and a series of initiatives that are currently underway. Implementation of enterprise search platform and content strategy​.  Launch of a Product Information Management program​.  Next up: Site Consolidation Program to reduce thousands of sites to fewer than twenty. 

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