Case Study

PetSmart Undergoes eCatalog Overhaul, Sees Jump in Foresee Experience Index



With 1,500 stores PetSmart is North America’s largest specialty pet retailer.  PetSmart is dedicated to providing services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. It focuses on providing its customers with the best pet information, supplies, and services when, how, and where they wish to shop or engage with the brand. In an increasingly competitive digital market, the company knew it needed to revolutionize the way pet owners shopped its online catalog. 


PetSmart partnered with Earley Information Science (EIS) to measurably improve the customer friendliness, product find-ability, and site shop-ability that its online experience delivers.  This goal has been accomplished through closely analyzing and understanding customer needs, and applying this knowledge to the way in which its products and assortments of products are organized and presented through a newly tuned navigation experience.


By tuning navigation to align with shopping behaviors for each type of pet and ownership stage, Petsmart created a more rewarding online experience. Users could find product detail pages with fewer clicks, making the shopping process more efficient..  The site's Bizrate score went up 9.0 for findability, and in 2017 PetSmart ranked in the top 20 on the Foresee Experience Index for the first time. These metrics confirmed that Petsmart had reached its goal of a measurable improvement in the customer experience.

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