Case Study

Role-Based Knowledge Management | Co-op Insurance




This major Financial Services and Insurance firm needed to improve the quality and efficiency of  IT project  contributors so that there was a consistent usage of this client's methodologies and approaches.



Using our Information Architecture methodologies, the Earley Information Science team facilitated stakeholder workshops, analyzed content and reviewed search logs to identify major the document types and key vocabularies being used. 

Based on our analysis we:

  • Provided guidance on the design of a role-based knowledge management solution that delivers content based on the contextualized work situation.  
  • Developed a user-centric information architecture that classified documents and identified key attributes required to improve findability through search and navigation.  
  • Provided a taxonomy with controlled vocabularies for tagging and searching documents.
  • Mobilized a Governance Council to address ongoing change management of the Information Architecture.



The client had a validated information architecture that enabled the SharePoint development team to create a solution aligned with business needs and priorities.  Earley Information Science provided unmatched experience in collaborating with clients to develop an Information Architecture that met complex multi-party business needs.

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