• Determine why a large percentage of generated URLs submitted as part of Sitemap Protocol were not included in search engine result pages.
  • Overall goal to reduce the number of indexed pages deemed duplicate content while increasing overall indexation for the site.


  • Conduct an evaluation of technical factors affecting search engine crawlability and indexation, specifically focused on technical issues identified with site and dynamic URL formulation.
  • Education and introduction to the problem of search engine optimization primarily focused on the contextual and technical attributes of SEO.
  • Provide concrete steps to improve URL crawlability and indexation from the perspective of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.


  • Concrete set of actionable recommendations for improving search crawlability of Endeca generated URLs.
  • Site indexation: from 90,400 to 478,000 URLs.
  • Increase of Endeca IAP URLs from 9,170 to 70,000.
  • Decrease of indexed duplicate content URL’s from 6,010,000 to  151,000.

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