Case Study

SharePoint Information Architecture & Taxonomy 



  • Improve the ability to deliver high quality and relevant information to the organization’s 2,200+ corporate owned and franchise restaurants
  • Desire to migrate 1,800+ Lotus Notes databases and thousands of content types to SharePoint
  • Low bandwidth connections over satellite along with limitations faced by small, touch screen technologies were design challenges


  • Perform a content analysis and site review as a basis for the re-development of content types.
  • Work in collaboration with subject matter experts to develop metadata schemas, a taxonomy framework and controlled vocabularies.
  • Conduct user centered design activities with restaurant managers to develop a more effective and intuitive information architecture.


  • Creation of a standard set of 8 content types, 57 metadata attributes and 14 vocabularies, reducing the proliferation of content types and site architecture to more manageable levels.
  • Development of a set of restaurant portal wireframes , including navigation, search and taxonomy, suitable for low bandwidth and touch screen applications without loss of user experience.
  • Design of an enterprise-wide site map and strategy for expansion of similar activities to the global perspective.

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