Case Study

Taxonomy & Information Architecture Modeling | AARP




AARP was looking to connect a series of disparate systems and content through taxonomy and information architecture models to support an enterprise content management pilot. AARP needed:

  • A taxonomy to help rationalize data across SharePoint with a single set of naming conventions and manage information long term
  • An information architecture model to ensure efficient and transparent “content flow” between internal and external AARP environments and user.



A series of in person working sessions and iterative deliverables review meetings to substantiate the work.  A set of visuals such as an information flow and domain model that illustrated how AARP could efficiently streamline their information.



The result was a working prototype of an enterprise content management infrastructure that could be implemented.  There was also raised awareness of the value of a taxonomy in place of a taxonomy solution.

By listening and taking the time to understand the client’s history and organizational culture, Earley Information Science was able to blend big-picture architecture, fully developed taxonomy components, and practical advice to move the initiative forward. There were two other vendors on the project that EIS collaborated with on this project. The EIS team took the lead in identifying approaches so that the three vendors could effectively work together.

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