Manufacturing & Distribution

Make it work like Amazon.  That's what we're hearing from our B2B marketers.  But, unlike B2C sites – many of which were built “digital first” – most in B2B started off with feet firmly planted in a physical world. But to compete in a digital world, B2B firms need to invest in digitizing their product information.   First, you need a well-organized product taxonomy.  The second major major step is to be thoughtful about product attributes – the features that are used for navigation, displayed with on product landing pages, used in search filters.  Finally, and this is the hardest part of the journey yet, is getting all of that data into your PIM system. 


Not easy but worth it.

Getting from catalog business to digital powerhouse is not easy. It will cost millions of dollars, take several years, involve new people and capabilities for product data, PIM, search and ecommerce.  Those are the hard facts but the outcome can be worth billions.   We're experts in building out the taxonomies you'll need,  cleaning and normalizing 'dirty' data, and designing the processes needed to get data from source to online catalogs.   Don’t sell yourself short when planning your digital transformation.


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