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AI's impact on business: The quest to make money

TechTarget SearchEnterpriseAI published an Articles "AI's impact on business: The quest to make money" on May 19,2020 including this quote from Seth Earley:

Break down a vision into actionable steps with measurable outcomes. Many executives still struggle to move from AI ideas to implementation, Earley said.

"Translating a vision -- which is high-level and ambiguous by nature -- into something actionable is the biggest challenge that organizations face with AI," Earley explained. "The vision needs to be broken down into a concept of future operations that will describe what the future looks like: How will the organization operate in this future state? Who is impacted and how?"

Breaking a large transformation program into actionable steps with clear measurable outcomes is critical to realize revenue from AI, according to Earley. Because multiple workstreams are generally required to make an enterprise AI capability a reality, each workstream needs to describe how individual processes will be impacted.

"The key is to define your problem, business scenarios and use cases and not be sold based on the vendor's business scenarios and use cases," Earley said.


Earley Information Science Team
Earley Information Science Team
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