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[Webinar] Unlocking the Power of Generative AI:  The Critical Role of Knowledge Management


Generative AI is getting all the attention, headlines, and industry hype. Organizations are looking at how it can be used to create better employee and customer experiences by unlocking the potential stored in the vast troves of unstructured data that house knowledge assets. 

The problem is that generalized language models are just that. They will not necessarily know your specific lexicon, terminology and vocabulary that describe your content consistently and meaningfully. The other challenge is that generative is not a retrieval mechanism. It creates new content based on patterns within the data. That means if it does not necessarily have an answer, it will “hallucinate”, that is, make up the answer.  The success of Generative AI largely depends on the effective management of the vast knowledge they possess. This webinar will explore enterprise knowledge management's critical role in unlocking generative AI's full potential.

We will begin by providing an overview of the fundamental concepts and advances in generative AI, followed by an in-depth examination of the importance of knowledge management in developing, implementing, and improving these systems.

We’ll discuss knowledge management approaches for the organization and retrieval of information, how retrieval fits in with content generation, and the challenges and opportunities it presents for the enterprise.

Attendees will leave with practical takeaways for knowledge management strategies and practices. Participants will learn how to optimize the performance of generative AI models and the benefit of building domain-specific content fine-tuned for industry, organization, and even process.

Whether you are an AI practitioner, researcher, or simply interested in the future of artificial intelligence, this webinar offers valuable insights and practical tips to help you stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly-evolving field.



Seth Earley, Founder & CEO, Earley Information Science

Dan Turchin, CEO, PeopleReign


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Earley Information Science Team
Earley Information Science Team
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