[RECORDED] Product Data Mastery: Navigating the Complex World of Product Syndication

The fastest evolving segment in Product Data today is syndication. Getting product data into marketplaces, retailers, e-tailers, and social channels is complex and time confusing. These issues make it expensive to assemble the teams to manage syndicating data because: 

  • There is no common data standard.
  • Every end point wants unique data to avoid being penalized by Google’s search index.
  • New Marketplaces appear regularly.
  • A lack of error message and clarity on changes in requirements from channels.
  • The manual nature of assembling and transferring product data is costly.

In this webinar, we will examine how technology is catching up to the syndication problem, how APIs can help solve these issues long term, and what your company can do today to lower costs and increase your company’s ability to optimize your syndication program.

Join us to see how you can leverage automation and technology to turn your syndication problem into a syndication program.  


Dan O'Connor, Practice Director/Enablement Lead, Earley Information Science

Joe DiNardo, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Syndic8.io

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