Case Study


CRICO needed to conduct a 360 review of its existing  patient safety code sets and coding workflows.  A major roadblock for the organization was that their attempt to meet requirements for improved  business intelligence discovery could not be met given their reliance on a dated pre-coordinated coding system.  The business lacked a mechanism for keepings its coding activity aligned with business needs and processes.


Through a combination of working sessions, interviews and content audits, Earley Information Science developed a new patient safety conceptual framework model.  Using a variety of publically available sources, we developed a faceted, patient safety vocabulary model for identifying gaps and missing concepts in CRICO's pre-coordinated system


The detailed gap analysis identified specific and significant intellectual gaps in the coding system and  in their knowledge-discovery capacity.  EIS provided detailed recommendations made to CRICO for revising code sets, coding processes, and adopting new technologies for visualizing data.  The team also helped CRICO establish a governance committee with  senior management sponsorship that would help guide future requirements.