Case Study


This global mutual fund firm was looking to leverage their existing search technologies and capabilities in a more structured and concentrated manner. While they had the technologies to support their content, their internal users struggled to find the right information, quickly. Part of their business challenge was that they had no cohesive search strategy to manage their search initiative in a coordinated and centralized manner.


Our client wanted to identify a long term search strategy and roadmap to drive towards a search based application. A clear strategy would help them to focus their various internal efforts to create a better search experience and allow them to manage their search experiences cohesively. Earley Information Science (EIS) identified a series of gaps and related recommendations that drove the broader search strategy and roadmap deliverable.


The EIS team brought in two search specialists with different backgrounds to present opinions and approaches to the client. This ensured that the client saw all potential angles of this initiative and remained fully involved in the decision making process.  As a result, the client gained:

  • A path to move towards a search based application

  • Recognition that the company does not need to make another technology investment as much as architect the technologies to work together

  • Agreement among search stakeholders, and the decision makers, on the value of search and what the end goal is.