Case Study


Trade secrets, engineering knowledge and other intellectual assets give this global manufacturer a real advantage in a highly competitive, growing global market. These assets are currently vulnerable.

Create a simple yet sophisticated interface and IA design to support managing the client’s trade secrets based on the recommendations from Phase 1.

Leverage SharePoint functionality to support a new information security model.


Create a disciplined, sustainable approach to document and repository management for critical content types.

Define the roles for technologies, repositories and content owners.

Provide robust metadata & tagging when documents are created or modified.

Develop proactive access management through governance.


EIS recommended that the client view information security as a core organizational capability, not simply as a technology need or solution.  Working with us, a model of a new repository to house several key document types using SharePoint 2010 was created as part of a pilot. The client and their IT organization was educated on the nuances of SharePoint and its capabilities.

By listening and taking the time to understand the client’s history and organizational culture, EIS was able to blend big-picture architecture, fully developed taxonomy components, and practical advice to create a relevant pilot model.

Use Cases

Workflow Design


System Design