In an increasingly noisy market, customers expect personalized moments—at every step of the buyer journey.

Traditional campaigns are out, always-on digital content marketing is in. Content must be customer-centric, authentic and nimble across every touch point while still representing your unique brand. MarTech has become as important as MarCom. Under rapid-fire change in buyer preferences and competition, the CMO must lead into a future of uncertain territory with strategic collaboration and execution across the enterprise.  

In the days of traditional campaigns, agencies may have created content for you. But increasingly content is created in-house, by your trading partners, and even by your customers. It’s the only way to create content at the pace and scale the new marketing paradigm demands.

To deliver a well-choreographed customer experience you must collect from fragmented sources, tag for findability, voice and context, syndicate to dozens of digital touch points, and govern lifecycle like never before. The only way this can work is to optimize your information architecture for content in motion, by audience (not content at rest, by system). The alternative is to hand-craft for every scenario—adding cost and losing precious time in the battle to win hearts and wallets. 

You have your work cut out for you. We can help.


Our Approach to Content Optimization

Content & Workflow Strategy

Execute on your vision to adopt new ways of doing business. Start by assessing your digital maturity then identify gaps and what it will take to close them. We’ll work with you to develop initiatives that consider audiences, authoring, creative, publishing and sales enablement processes, technology and content.

Content Search & Findability

Improve the findability of your products, content, and digital assets. Our information architecture, navigation and search interaction, and customer journey context techniques will improve the relevance of search results and help you meet your SEO, conversion and engagement goals.

Omnichannel Publishing

Unified commerce and content rich experiences depend on a well architected information supply chain. Content publishing processes include multiple paths of collaboration, enrichment, syndication and churn. You need to strengthen each link in the chain to minimize time to market, disconnects and lapses in quality.

Earley Information Science's content optimization consulting services is centered on four foundational considerations.

By managing these capabilities together, you'll be able to create, distribute, and maintain a steady flow of content that is relevant and timely for your audience—as well as being cost-effective and legally safe.


You must consider how people, systems, and content intersect within the flow of your business.


Rich content is expensive to produce. The investment has to be leveraged - the return comes when you reuse content across channels.


Many images and other content are curated outside of a controlled process. Avoid vulnerability to licensing audits and penalties.


A framework is needed to control hand-offs during the content creation and curation process.

What People Are Saying

We're proud of the work we do and pleased to share feedback from our amazing clients.

“The value that Earley brought was visible from the beginning—helping us to arrive at a consensus and a path forward.”

High-Tech Manufacturer

VP Product Management

“This is awesome, you have exceeded my expectations on what I thought was possible.”

Mike Barton

President, Allstate Business Insurance

“We spent millions upgrading technology ….  Looking back, I’d get the taxonomy right from the beginning.”

$8B Scientific Equipment Maker

Chief Marketing Officer

“I can say in the short time I have known EIS they have been a perfect partner and have no doubt our partnership will even get stronger and realize phenomenal outcomes.”

Multinational Industrial Manufacturer

Senior Director, MDM


Health Insurance Provider Streamlines Marketing Content Use and Reuse

EIS developed an omni-channel content marketing strategy, including omni-channel marketing facets, content types, asset types and related metadata schemas, work-in-progress object models and tagging workflow, and future state component authoring recommendations.

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Our Additional Specializations

Product Data Management

Compile, arrange, and effortlessly access all product information in one centralized location—creating a seamless system for your entire ecommerce team. 

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Knowledge Engineering

Build the foundation for future success by allowing our experts to assemble all existing sales and customer knowledge you own, then prepare it for next-generation business technology.

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Customer Engagement

Analyze and leverage insights on your customers’ behaviors to engage with them using custom recommendations that align with their unique needs.

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