Ecommerce executives must oversee the creation of a shopping experience that makes it easy for the customer to find, compare, select and buy. Anything less and the customer is gone.

User expectations are much higher now. Beautiful site design is all well and good but not at the expense of user-centric search, navigation and comparison experiences.

Our team of product taxonomy design experts are the best in the business. We build the information architectures that power exceptional buying experiences for the customer, maximize order values, and help your product teams work fast and efficiently.


“We spent millions upgrading technology …. Looking back, I’d get the taxonomy right first.”
— Chief Marketing Officer, $8B Scientific Equipment Maker


Taxonomy for Product Catalogs

Clear organizing principles and customer-centric design can make your product catalog easier to search, faster to navigate, and better aligned with what buyers expect.

Product Attributes

Accurate and robust product information reduces the number of clicks needed to get to the right products and supports world class site search and SEO. They also power the kind of shopping experiences that buyers want—including filtering, comparison options, and rich product information.

What We Do

  • Taxonomy Assessment
  • Product catalog & attribute design
  • Navigation & site search tuning
  • Governance & Metrics Definition

How We Do It

Taxonomy Assessment

Where do you see yourself over the next 5 years? Will your site lead the way for your niche? During the assessment phase, we look at your competitors as well as your current state. We help you define your future goals and understand the design journey ahead. As the leader in product data management for large scale catalogs, we've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. We'll put you on the right path.

  • Taxonomy Assessment & Competitive Benchmarking
  • Taxonomy Design Roadmap & Business Case

Product Catalog & Attribute Design

Imagine a world where products are easily found, descriptions are always complete and accurate, images display consistently, related content helps guide buying decisions, and suggestions are always relevant.  This can only happen when your product data architecture has considered every aspect of the digital experience, for buyers as well as internal product teams responsible for onboarding and management.

  • Master and eCatalog Taxonomy Design
  • Product Attribute Model Design
  • Product Classification & Content Enrichment

Navigation & Site Search Tuning

Your customers expect to be able to browse through menus intuitively. When searching they expect to be offered suggested terms to streamline the process of getting to the right product. Taxonomies are the building blocks behind these experiences. Our product data experts will help ensure that you can merchandise your assortments to the best advantage and ensure search is speaking their language.

  • Multiple Ways to Shop & Cross-Sell Design
  • Findability Testing by Segment
  • Site Search & SEO Optimization

Governance & Metrics Definition

Migrating product data to the new taxonomy isn’t the end of the process—it’s the beginning. Don’t let “taxonomy drift” happen. Let us help define and measure the key performance indicators to ensure site experience and data quality are delivering on your most important business goals.

  • Metrics-Driven Governance Planning
  • Content Style Guidelines
  • Data Fill Rates & Quality Scorecards

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