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In today's business world, the competition is fierce, and every organization is striving to gain an advantage over its rivals. The key to achieving this lies in the acquisition and utilization of knowledge. To establish a strong brand identity and communicate it effectively, you need to have a deep understanding of your customers, industry challenges, intellectual property, product design, manufacturing practices, go-to-market strategies, and competitors.

However, gathering and refining this knowledge is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. It's crucial to make sure that the right individuals can access and apply this knowledge. Doing so will allow your organization to leverage its accumulated expertise and improve its competitive position in the marketplace. By investing in knowledge management, you'll be making a wise investment in your organization's future success.

Our Engagement Model Consists of Time-Tested, Proven Strategies

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Strategize. Design. Govern.

Following a proven formula, we assess the current state of your enterprise content initiatives and build on them. Our service offerings are structured in 3 progressive phases to align with, and accelerate, your digital transformation journey.

We are information architects for the digital age 

Learn how our client engagement model can accelerate your digital transformation journey with the design and deployment innovative technology solutions that deliver maximum and sustained business impact.

Differentiating with digital assets which stage are you in

Knowledge Management Strategy

A knowledge management strategy is the first step in fully leveraging your enterprise knowledge and accelerating the processes that are essential to your business. EIS can help you develop a gameplan that aligns departmental stakeholders on the goals, objectives, and measurable outcomes of a knowledge engineering initiative. We’ll produce a plan of action to unify company information, data, and knowledge to improve the productivity and efficiency of your teams. We’ll conduct an audit of your current knowledge resources, identify gaps, and build a business case for integrating and expanding them in ways that drive measurable business outcomes.


Content Search & Findability

We’re all on information overload and as the volume of information expands, the ability to find the right content amidst the clutter is becoming impossible. Unless, of course, you have a content search capability underpinned by a properly classified and categorized information architecture. It’s the taxonomies, ontologies and knowledge graphs contained in that information architecture that provide the scaffolding for personalized and contextualized search. Whether its personalizing product discovery for shoppers, or streamlining content search for internal stakeholder, EIS has the knowledge and experience to build that foundation.


AI, Ontology, and Knowledge Graph Design

A well-defined knowledge management strategy sets the stage for the design and deployment of knowledge managements systems and technologies. We’ll design an information architecture that eliminates the silos that get in the way of the free flow of information. Then we’ll deploy information systems to unify disparate sources of assets and information using knowledge graphs that organize and contextualize your enterprise resources. We’ll streamline the way people to get answers to questions and collaborate with colleagues.


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