The way marketing does business has changed forever.

In an increasingly noisy market, customers expect personalized content in moments that matter, at every step of the buyer journey. 

Traditional campaigns are out, always-on digital content marketing is in. Content must be customer-centric, authentic and nimble across every touch point while still representing your unique brand. MarTech has become as important as MarCom. Under rapid-fire change in buyer preferences and competition, the CMO must lead into a future of uncertain territory with strategic collaboration and execution across the enterprise.  

In the days of traditional campaigns, agencies may have created content for you. But increasingly content is created in-house, by your trading partners, and even by your customers. It’s the only way to create content at the pace and scale the new marketing paradigm demands.

To deliver a well-choreographed customer experience you must collect from fragmented sources, tag for findability, voice and context, syndicate to dozens of digital touch points, and govern lifecycle like never before. The only way this can work is to optimize your information architecture for content in motion, by audience (not content at rest, by system). The alternative is to hand-craft for every scenario – adding cost and losing precious time in the battle to win hearts and wallets. 

You have your work cut out for you. We can help.