We still hear it today – executives ask “Why do we need a taxonomy?” Then the various follow-ons : “Can’t we just get google?” “Machine Learning now does all of that automatically” “We just bought an AI tool” “ Our new vendor’s technology doesn’t require information architecture or taxonomy”. “Why do we need taxonomy and product data work for ecommerce?”

Here’s the secret that your competitors aren’t revealing. They are investing in the foundational information architecture that every digital transformation depends on. From high performing ecommerce sites to AI powered customer service bots, they are all made or broken by the quality of the data that drives them. There is no way to skimp on this and achieve superior results. In fact, the need is greater than ever for taxonomy and IA as companies look to semantic search, AI powered chatbots, optimization of the customer journey, the ecommerce and personalization, data analytics and more for a competitive edge.

In this session our expert panelists discuss:

    • How taxonomy is a critical component of all of your data driven applications and processes. 
    • How to structure the business case and choose priorities.
    • Examples of how to measure the value of the investment.

Join us for this practical, actionable webinar on one of the key foundational elements for digital transformation, digital experience, operational efficiency and data driven decision making.

Seth Earley

Founder & CEO, Earley Information Science

Rebecca O'Brien

Head of E-Commerce Merchandising, Global Industrial

David Bonk

Marketing Technologies Manager, Content, 3M

Giovanni Piazza

Head of Knowledge Management Services, Takeda

Dave Skrobela

Managing Director, Client Partner, Earley Information Science

The Business Value of Taxonomy
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