Transforming Legacy Faceted Search into Personalized Product Discovery

The latest in e-commerce trends is the transformation of legacy faceted search into a more personalized experience. By applying semantic reasoning over a knowledge graph, contextual information about a customer can be combined with product data, delivering relevant search results tailored to them.

In this session we're teaming up with Oxford Semantic Technologies to cover this important topic in two segments:

First half for executives:

  • Why personalized search is an essential e-commerce ingredient
  • Demystify the process of implementing a more personalized product discovery experience for your customers

Second half for data strategists:

  • The data modeling required to build knowledge graphs for successful personalized search.
  • Real-world examples and the steps you can take to get started.




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Seth Earley

Founder & CEO, Earley Information Science

Dave Skrobela

Managing Director, Earley Information Science

Peter Crocker

CEO & Co-Founder, Oxford Semantic Technologies

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