Improving product data quality will inevitably increase your sales. However, there are other benefits (beyond improved revenue) from investing in product data to sustain your margins while lowering costs.

One poorly understood benefit of having complete, accurate, consistent product data is the reduction in costs of product returns. Managing logistics and resources needed to process returns, as well as the reduction in margins based on the costs of re-packaging or disposing of returned products, are getting more attention and analysis than in previous years.

This is a B2C and a B2B issue, and keeping more of your already-sold product in your customer’s hands will lower costs and increase margins at a fraction of the cost of building new market share.

This webinar will discuss how EIS can assist in all aspects of product data including increasing revenue and reducing the costs of returns.  We will discuss how to frame the data problems and solutions tied to product returns, and ways to implement scalable and durable changes to improve margins and increase revenue.

Dan O'Connor

Practice Director/Enablement Lead, Earley Information Science

With over 15 years of experience in taxonomy, product data, and solving product data challenges, Dan has been involved with every aspect of Product Data. Working for Vendors, Clients, and Consultants, Dan has worked to catalog the issues from all viewpoints to understand the product data space inside and out. 

Eli Cooley

Senior Consultant, Earley Information Science

Eli specializes in PIM and ecommerce product information for manufacturers, distributors and retailers managing large product catalogs. For 20 years he has been working with clients to design and implement ecommerce and PIM data solutions, including hierarchy design, schema development, data enrichment, software development, training and data governance. Eli has a BA in Mathematics from Northwestern University and an MA in Financial Engineering from University of Chicago. You can find him running and volunteering on weekends.

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