Science of CX Welcomes Seth Earley As Guest Speaker

Successfully Integrating AI Systems Into Your Business with Seth Earley and Steve Pappas

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Key Takeaways

  • Seth provides us a basic description of what AI is all about, and what its major components are
  • How owning a knowledge management strategy can go a long way in helping you plan and execute AI systems into your business
  • Leveraging the power of machine learning to collect data on your customers’ behavior 
  • Science or Magic? How AI can provide you with reliable predictions for what content, products, or services your customers crave
  • Things to take into consideration when building your business foundational knowledge 
  • Ways of capturing explicit knowledge and ensuring it is more readily consumable and accessible
  • How knowledge can act as a key differentiator in your business practice
  • The importance of mapping your customer’s journey
  • Why metrics are vital when it comes to data collection and storage


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