Seth Earley Speaks on AI and the Future of Work

Seth Earley, author of The AI-Powered Enterprise, discusses the future of knowledge management.

AI and the Future of Work, Episode 37

Listen and learn: 

  1. Seth’s contribution to AI history… including the term he coined that was co-opted by former IBM CEO Ginni Rometty 
  2. Why all AI is a data (and information architecture) problem 
  3. How the Applied Materials field services team reduced time spent finding information by 50% with knowledge engineering and ontologies 
  4. Why proper information architecture is required for virtual agents to reduce call volume and help live agents 
  5. What has changed since Seth first published his AI book in 2020 
  6. The benefits of semantic search vs. traditional keyword search 
  7. Where to start with a knowledge management strategy 
  8. Why “data scientists spend more time being data janitors” 
  9. How to mitigate the impact of bias in AI training data 

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