Seth Earley on Setting the Groundwork for AI implementation

Seth Earley joins Patrick Haughey, TELUS International Studios.  In the conversation, Seth shares advice for business leaders looking to incorporate AI solutions into their support model. Tune in to hear Seth’s insights on navigating uncertainty in AI development while keeping customer experience at the forefront, and his take on the biggest challenges when it comes to human-machine partnerships.

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Key Takeaways

  • Envision a future where virtual assistants seamlessly integrate into daily life, assisting with tasks like scheduling, recommendations, and customer service.
  • The primary barrier to achieving this vision is a "knowledge and data problem," not the technology itself.
  • Data sources are not well-curated, and organizational knowledge is not codified.
  • Organizations compete based on their knowledge of customers, markets, and internal processes.
  • Virtual assistants (chatbots) need access to this knowledge to be effective.
  • Companies must build content processes now to avoid being left behind.
  • Lack of investment in knowledge management could lead to significant inefficiencies and competitive disadvantages.
  • Successful digital transformation requires executive vision and long-term commitment.
  • Short-term financial pressures can undermine these initiatives.
  • Companies need to build foundational applications and curate their data effectively.
  • Gamification and clear communication can help alleviate fears of job displacement.

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