Episode 18 - Scott Taylor

Telling Stories About Data Management

Guest: Scott Taylor - The Data Whisperer



In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Scott Taylor, the "Data Whisperer" about telling stories about data management.

2:00 Data Whisperer origin story
9:30 Translating complex dry material into a story that resonates
11:30 Why master data is the most important data and how to help execs understand it
18:15 Bad data + AI = AS (Artificial Stupidity)
22:30 Every system demos perfectly
26:25 Don't say "data quality"
27:30 Definition of digital transformation
32:00 Ugly babies and the reality of bad data
38:30 About the book, "Telling Your Data Story" 99% buzzword free (coupon code in show notes)
47:00 Data management is macro trend agnostic
49:00 What's next - more puppets and dad jokes
52:00 Influencing the next generation of data managers


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