Many well-known brands are disappearing due, not in small part, to their inability to adapt to the new digital reality.

Ecommerce executives must oversee the creation of a shopping experience that makes it easy for the customer to find, compare, select and buy. Anything less and the customer is gone. But building a website that looks great is only a piece of the puzzle.   

Imagine a world where products are easily found, descriptions are always complete and accurate, images display consistently, related content helps guide buying decisions, and suggestions are always relevant. This can only happen when your product data architecture has considered every aspect of the digital experience. There are a lot of moving parts to consider. Millions of SKUs from hundreds of suppliers in different formats. Multiple platforms that need to pass data back and forth. It is a perfect storm that must come together to deliver a seamless experience to the customer.

There is nothing easy or sexy about it, but it is a crucial investment that the top performers in the market have made. Are you ready?

Our Approach to Product Data Management

Taxonomy & Attribute Design

Bring behind-the-scenes order to your product taxonomy so you can intelligently design digital experiences that reflect the wants and needs of your customers. Personalize their experience by tuning attributes to delight them no matter the season, channel, device or regional market.

PIM Selection & Deployment

You can no longer afford to waste time managing product data in spreadsheets. A PIM system will help you get your product data right—and keep it right. You need a partner to help you choose and deploy the tool that takes you to the goal line. One who has been there and seen it all. That would be us. 

Product Catalog Optimization

Your online product catalog needs to be fast and easy to navigate, and aligned with what customers want. Each item must be findable in onsite search as well as optimized for internet search engines. You get there with a well organized taxonomy and a rational top down attribute inheritance model.

Earley Information Science’s PDM approach is centered on four basic principles.

We understand data is messy. Information is incomplete. There are errors, omissions and inconsistent formats. We’ve seen this problem countless times—even at companies that have Product Information Management (PIM) systems in place—and we know what to do to help you fix it. 


Product data must be flexible and adaptable, designed to support multiple processes.


Well architected product data can make navigation and search intuitive.


Poorly architected product data can make your products invisible to customers.


A product taxonomy enables your customers to see your complete menu of solutions.

What People Are Saying

We're proud of the work we do and pleased to share feedback from our amazing clients.

“The value that Earley brought was visible from the beginning—helping us to arrive at a consensus and a path forward.”

High-Tech Manufacturer

VP Product Management

“This is awesome, you have exceeded my expectations on what I thought was possible.”

Mike Barton

President, Allstate Business Insurance

“We spent millions upgrading technology ….  Looking back, I’d get the taxonomy right from the beginning.”

$8B Scientific Equipment Maker

Chief Marketing Officer

“I can say in the short time I have known EIS they have been a perfect partner and have no doubt our partnership will even get stronger and realize phenomenal outcomes.”

Multinational Industrial Manufacturer

Senior Director, MDM


Multinational Conglomerate Reimagines Digital Ecosystem for Improved Customer Experience

EIS worked with this multinational conglomerate on the development of a CX, and EX strategy, content strategy, roadmap, integration architecture, requirements and governance model.

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Our Additional Specializations

Content Optimization

Customers expect personalized content at every step of their buying journey. Allow us to synthesize your existing content, enabling you to easily deliver targeted messages.

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Knowledge Engineering

Build the foundation for future success by allowing our experts to assemble all existing sales and customer knowledge you own, then prepare it for next-generation business technology.

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Customer Engagement

Analyze and leverage insights on your customers’ behaviors to engage with them using custom recommendations that align with their unique needs.

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