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Empower your Websites, Syndication & SEO to Increase Sales, Increase Speed-to-Market & Decrease Friction

The days of entering product data into a CMS to sell online are gone. Amazon, Walmart, and many other channels require unique, complete, and specialized data in their data formats quickly and efficiently. Engaging customers through good SEO planning and accelerating your speed-to-market are vital to completing in the new digital landscape.

How Earley Information Science Can Help

At EIS, we have experts in Product Information Management (PIM) platforms, Master Data Management (MDM) tools and strategies, product taxonomy and attribute metadata design, SEO keyword optimization, e-commerce catalog design, and the business intelligence landscape. Together with a strategy that moves your business from product data projects to product data programs, EIS understands how to make your products visible faster on more channels with the unique and demanding content required to satisfy your syndication partners while ensuring automation and data re-use avoid raising the costs of generating this data.

Our Engagement Model Consists of Time-Tested, Proven Strategies

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Strategize. Design. Govern.

Following a proven formula, we assess the current state of your enterprise content initiatives and build on them. Our service offerings are structured in 3 progressive phases to align with, and accelerate, your digital transformation journey.

We are information architects for the digital age 

Learn how our client engagement model can accelerate your digital transformation journey with the design and deployment innovative technology solutions that deliver maximum and sustained business impact.

Advance the State of Your Product Services

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PIM Selection & Deployment

Most Product Information Management projects fail to meet their original goals. Traditional implementers simply install the tool, without any regard for user journeys, data processes, governance, and strategically developed use cases. EIS sees PIM differently.

EIS can manage the PIM selection process with a methodology that includes the most important selection criteria. Our experts have worked with the major PIM tool to ensure EIS knows how to help you find the right tool the first time. 

After a PIM system is chosen, we know how to deploy the system while implementing the taxonomy and attribute designs and scaling the system to a fully operational status. 


Product Catalog Optimization

Another important customer-facing asset that benefits from the right product information architecture is a product catalog. When customers are browsing your product catalog, they expect to see relevant product recommendations based on their shopping profile, not just the most popular items.

At EIS, we know how to optimize your product catalog to present a customer-focused digital experience. We can help to streamline the on-boarding process with global content reuse and faster time-to-market.


Product Data Readiness Assessment

Ecommerce site performance is directly proportional to the quality of your product data. In a short 30 minute guided session we can work with your team to assess the readiness of your product data to fulfill the promise of your site.

After the assessment is complete you'll know your organization's product data strengths and weaknesses as well have a game plan for next steps on industry-leading product data management practices.

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