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Specialized collections. Curated assortments. Personalized recommendations. Targeted offers.

Delivering precisely the right content and offerings to the right customers at the right time requires systems that understand the context. 

EIS designs context into your systems through organizational systems and relationships in product categories, taxonomies, ontologies, and knowledge graphs.

Are you ready to make your content more valuable, your systems smarter, and your organization operate more accurately in unison? 

Our Engagement Model Consists of Time-Tested, Proven Strategies

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Strategize. Design. Govern.

Following a proven formula, we assess the current state of your enterprise content initiatives and build on them. Our service offerings are structured in 3 progressive phases to align with, and accelerate, your digital transformation journey.

We are information architects for the digital age 

Learn how our client engagement model can accelerate your digital transformation journey with the design and deployment innovative technology solutions that deliver maximum and sustained business impact.

Advance the State of Your Customer Experiences

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Customer Experience Strategy

Creating a customer experience strategy is like crafting a personalized roadmap for success. It covers every step of your customer's journey with your brand and lays out the tactics you'll use to elevate their experience from the moment they discover your products to making a purchase and beyond. EIS is ready to help you develop a detailed, focused, and actionable customer experience strategy that will act as a blueprint for customization and a guide for seamless transactions.

Searchandising - Making the Customer Feel Special Every Time She Searches

Targeted Marketing & Content

Content personalization is a powerful tool for businesses to deliver tailored content, boost engagement, foster loyalty, and drive revenue. Our team of experts can help you integrate AI technology to analyze customer data, tailor information based on user needs, and develop personalized campaigns. We also use Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) to create and revise content on demand.


AI for Customer Support

Generative AI is a breakthrough in customer support. It interprets customer requests and provides accurate answers based on organizational knowledge. Because we use your organizational knowledge as the ground source, we reduce inaccuracies and eliminate hallucinations and confabulations.

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