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Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Management and Chatbots

February 21, 2018

1:00 PM EST to 2:00 PM EST

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How AI leverages knowledge assets for customer experience, conversational search, retrieval and commerce

There are a lot of questions about how artificial intelligence supports knowledge management and how knowledge management supports AI programs. On the one hand, chatbots are a channel to knowledge, content and data and therefore needs to be correctly structured, tagged and curated to support a set of use cases. On the other, AI can be used to improve content access and retrieval through semantic processing.

In either case, fundamental information management principles still apply:

  • the source of data and content needs to be reliable;
  • the information accurate and suited to the application;
  • a framework for organizing the information – whether embedded in the AI program or developed outside of it – needs to be applied.

While some programs can begin to make sense of messy and unstructured data and content, the data cannot be of poor quality. In the case of chatbots, semantic processing of user questions is applied to understand the user’s objective with a rich enough set of signals and cues to allow the bot to return a meaningful answer. Machine learning can, in some cases, derive dialog structures from large sets of chat log data, however this still needs to be cleansed and normalized by a knowledge engineer.

In this executive roundtable, our panel will explore foundational concepts of knowledge engineering that need to be considered in your AI project.

Expert Panel

Seth Earley

Earley Information Science

Founder & CEO

Tobias Goebel


Sr. Director Emerging Technologies

Joe Gelb, President, Zoomin Software

Joe Gelb

Zoomin Software


Alex Masycheff, CEO, Intuillion Ltd.

Alex Masycheff

Intuillion Ltd.

Co-founder and CEO

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Product Data - the Great Enabler: IoT, Marketplaces, and more

March 21, 2018

1:00 PM EDT to 2:00 PM EDT

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Ecommerce websites, replacement part reference guides, online marketplaces and IoT monitoring platforms all have one thing in common.  They all depend on detailed, accurate and comprehensive product information databases.  Product data is a critical driver for core offerings today, and will be even more critical as organizations innovate across their value chains in the future.

In this session our leadership panel will discuss:
•    What is enriched product data
•    Enhancing your brand position and value to customers
•    How enriched product data enables innovation
•    Preparedness for interoperability

This webinar will be of interest to marketing, product management, service management and data management executives with manufacturers, distributors, and service providers.  Also, anyone exploring the role that product data plays in defining and growing their offerings and transforming their customer value propositions
Join us to explore how intelligently enriched product data drives growth and differentiation in the marketplace.

Expert Panel

Dino Eliopulos

Earley Information Science

Managing Director

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