Upcoming Executive Roundtables

There's No AI Without IA

December 13, 2018

1:00 PM EST to 2:00 PM EST

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to completely revolutionize the B2B selling function. And depending on who you talk to, AI will either enable massive productivity gains from your employees or replace them entirely.

Hype aside, AI is coming, and B2B companies need to understand how to harness it. And despite the promise of ‘plug and play‘ technology, real AI requires varying degrees of knowledge engineering, product and content architecture, and high-quality data sources to be effective.

Join us on Thursday, December 13th @ 1:00 pm EST for ‘There’s No AI Without IA,” where Dino Eliopulos, Managing Director of Earley Information Science, will demystify AI for your B2B organization.

You will learn:

  • How you can leverage best practices to re-think processes for the product content lifecycle, from initial onboarding to post-production syndication
  • The infrastructure you’ll need to consider when planning for your AI initiative
  • How AI enables new product associations and personalized experiences to drive deeper engagement with your customers

To register for this live conversation, please click the ‘Register’ button below. For questions or more information, please contact us at info@earley.com.

Expert Panel

Dino Eliopulos

Earley Information Science

Managing Director

Bryan Kohl, VP, Business Development & Client Partner, EIS

Bryan Kohl

Earley Information Science

VP, Business Development & Client Partner