Enterprise Content

The way digital content is delivered to your customers and internal stakeholders has changed forever.


In an increasingly noisy market, customers expect personalized moments—at every step of the buyer journey.

Traditional campaigns are out, always-on digital content marketing is in.

Content must be customer-centric, authentic, and nimble across every touch point while still representing your unique brand. MarTech has become as important as MarCom. Under rapid-fire change in buyer preferences and competition, the CMO must lead into a future of uncertain territory with strategic collaboration and execution across the enterprise.

In the days of traditional campaigns, agencies may have created content for you. But increasingly content is created in-house, by your trading partners, and even by your customers. It’s the only way to create content at the pace and scale the new marketing paradigm demands.

Your internal stakeholders are no different. They have come to expect the same personalized experience with content findability they encounter as online consumers.
To deliver a well-choreographed customer and user experience you must collect from fragmented sources, tag for findability, voice and context, syndicate to dozens of digital touch points, and govern lifecycle like never before. The only way this can work is to optimize your information architecture for content in motion, by audience (not content at rest, by system).

You have your work cut out for you. We can help.

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Strategize. Design. Govern.

Following a proven formula, we assess the current state of your enterprise content initiatives and build on them. Our service offerings are structured in 3 progressive phases to align with, and accelerate, your digital transformation journey.

We are information architects for the digital age

Learn how our client engagement model can accelerate your digital transformation journey with the design and deployment innovative technology solutions that deliver maximum and sustained business impact.

Here's How We Help Advance the State of Your Enterprise Content

Differentiating with digital assets which stage are you in

ECM and DAM Strategy for Unified Commerce

EIS can be your partner in building an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) strategy for Unified Commerce. That means integrating all customer interactions in your channels with your products and payment systems. With Unified Commerce, a single platform connects your customer facing channels with your backend systems for a unified view of the customer experience. With better visibility comes better insights and decision-making. It’s a complex undertaking and one that we are fully equipped to perform.


Content Search & Findability

We’re all on information overload and as the volume of information expands, the ability to find the right content amidst the clutter is becoming impossible. Unless, of course, you have a content search capability underpinned by a properly classified and categorized information architecture. It’s the taxonomies, ontologies and knowledge graphs contained in that information architecture that provide the scaffolding for personalized and contextualized search. Whether its personalizing product discovery for shoppers, or streamlining content search for internal stakeholder, EIS has the knowledge and experience to build that foundation.


Omnichannel Content Marketing

You may know who your high-value customers are, but are your sites and mobile apps organized for how they want to engage with your product portfolio? Do you need a much more flexible approach to meeting changes in categories, buying patterns and seasonal collections?

EIS can design your site merchandising more intelligently with product display taxonomies that reflect your product categories, in the language of your key segments. Provide adaptable variations for assortment by season, by channel or device (web, tablet, mobile, mobile app, kiosk, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.) and by regional market. If true omnichannel marketing is your goal, we can get you there with a structured roadmap that leads to measurable business outcomes.

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