Superior digital experiences are the result of seamlessly surfacing knowledge to help answer questions, buy products, or solve problems. You have no shortage of organizational knowledge. The challenge is assembling it and making it seamlessly accessible to customers and internal teams across data silos and organizational boundaries.

    Meanwhile, there are exactly zero technologies on the market today that can deliver on their promises for intranets, ecommerce systems, knowledge bases, chatbots, or anything "AI" powered using your raw, unrefined company information. The reality is your information and data must be engineered, organized, cataloged, and categorized before it can be fed into any technology with an expectation of a viable outcome.

    EIS has the knowledge and expertise to build an information architecture with taxonomies, ontologies and knowledge graphs that serves as a framework for your all of your information technologies, now and in the future.

    “We spent millions upgrading technology …. Looking back, I’d get the taxonomy right first.”
    — Chief Marketing Officer, $8B Scientific Equipment Maker

    Ideally, you'll talk to us before you invest millions in tech. But, even if you have previously unsuccessful initiatives, we can reinvigorate the process, leverage your prior work, and get it back on track. It is never too late for a fresh start. We’re here to help.

    Our Engagement Model Consists of Time Tested Proven Strategies

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    Strategize. Design. Govern.

    Following a proven formula, we assess the current state of your enterprise content initiatives and build on them. Our service offerings are structured in 3 progressive phases to align with, and accelerate, your digital transformation journey.

    We are information architects for the digital age

    Learn how our client engagement model can accelerate your digital transformation journey with the design and deployment innovative technology solutions that deliver maximum and sustained business impact.

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    Here's How We Help Advance the State of Your Organizational Knowledge

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    Knowledge Management Strategy

    A knowledge management strategy is the first step in fully leveraging your enterprise knowledge and accelerating the processes that are essential to your business. EIS can help you develop a gameplan that aligns departmental stakeholders on the goals, objectives, and measurable outcomes of a knowledge engineering initiative. We’ll produce a plan of action to unify company information, data, and knowledge to improve the productivity and efficiency of your teams. We’ll conduct an audit of your current knowledge resources, identify gaps, and build a business case for integrating and expanding them in ways that drive measurable business outcomes.


    AI, Ontology, and Knowledge Graph Design

    A well-defined knowledge management strategy sets the stage for the design and deployment of knowledge managements systems and technologies. We’ll design an information architecture that eliminates the silos that get in the way of the free flow of information. Then we’ll deploy information systems to unify disparate sources of assets and information using knowledge graphs that organize and contextualize your enterprise resources. We’ll streamline the way people to get answers to questions and collaborate with colleagues.


    Operationalizing AI and ML

    As we build out your information architecture, we’ll identify ways to introduce and operationalize AI and machine learning technologies. A key part of successful AI deployment is identifying use cases that can be practically deployed and deliver immediate value to customers and stakeholders. Use cases can take the form of chatbots for customer service, data analytics for marketing, process automaton for administrative tasks or another area of focus in your business. We’ll help conduct a proof of concept and deliver a successful deployment with an ongoing data management and governance process.

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