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[Earley AI Podcast] Episode 26: Daniel Faggella

Human Cognitive Science

Guest: Daniel Faggella



About this Episode:

Today’s guest is Daniel Faggella, Head of Research and CEO at Emerj Technology Research. Dan joins Seth Earley and Chris Featherstone and shares how martial arts influenced him to get into artificial intelligence. Dan also discusses what his experience was like with surveillance technology creation technology. Dan had a machine that could generate the next 10 slides of your desired moving picture. Be sure to listen in on Dan giving his advice on how you should properly use open AI!




  • Dan got into artificial intelligence by practicing the martial art, Jujitsu. He started a Jujitsu gym which helped support him when he was in school. Jujitsu helped motivate him and keep his mind balanced.
  • Dan mentions how generative AI has been starting to bubble up since the spark of ChatGBT. He sees people starting to experiment with social, and experiment with proposals. 
  • With AI in general, people are looking at junctures within the workflow. At this juncture, they might be able to push a button and make this portion of what their company does slightly better and faster. 
  • Generative AI finds the juncture pockets and knows exactly where those settle in.
  • Dan believes that eventually, people will somehow evolve in the way that we use ChatGBT and structure different FAQs.
  • Dan believes that one day with Generative AI, we will be able to create some kind of feedback loop for humans to say what's wrong, and what's right to be able to train that AI system.



Quote of the Show:

  • “The dust has yet to settle on the early cluster of those use cases in Generative AI.” (19:06)


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