Customer engagement, not price, is the strategic competitive differentiator for commerce today.  

Savvy consumers expect differentiated, high-touch experiences with your brand both digitally and physically, from first touch to final sale, making personalization the Holy Grail of commerce.

Brands nimble enough to personalize the digital experience by anticipating shopper needs are seeing measurable increases in conversion, average order value and loyalty.  eCommerce execs must take innovative steps to leverage engagement events – such as location, past purchases, and search intent – to provide seamless, personal touch experiences at moments that matter along the buyer journey. A growing number of technology platforms and tools are aimed at helping to solve the challenge. 

Some are actually pretty good.  But what may not be fully appreciated is how crucial it is to push the next right product, content and message through these systems.  There's a way to ensure that your investments in personalization and recommendation technologies produce a positive ROI, turning shoppers into customers, and customers into promoters.  Invest in building the information architecture, customer event models, product merchandising attributes and metrics essential to extracting maximum value from these technologies.   

We can help - because organizing information to drive measurable business outcomes is all we do.