Those that can leverage corporate knowledge to deliver superior digital experiences will have the upper hand.

Knowledge about your customers and how to solve their problems has always driven competitive advantage. Sales and customer service teams interacted with customers, conferring with databases and each other to deliver excellence. What is different today is customers have increasing expectations around what they can do through digital channels. It is now necessary to bring that organizational knowledge directly to the customer through their digital interactions. IT executives must lead the way in this new paradigm by building the information structures that power digital business.

You have no shortage of knowledge. The challenge is assembling it and making it seamlessly accessible. In fact, your internal teams have been clamoring for easy access to this same information for some time now. In the past, you may have struggled to show sufficient ROI on traditional “knowledge management” projects. That’s changed. Now that your organization’s future is depending on it, it is time to architect your organizational knowledge to serve as a foundation for next generation tools and technologies such as semantic search, chatbots, and conversational commerce.

It is exciting stuff—and we’re here to help.


Our Approach to Knowledge Engineering

Knowledge Management Strategy

A digital information access strategy is the first step toward accelerating the processes that are essential to your business. You must eliminate silos that get in the way of the free flow of information. You need to make it easy for people to get answers to their questions and collaborate with colleagues.

Innovating with Automation

No doubt there is a robot in your customer’s future. Virtual assistants, chat bots, robotic process automation systems all demand curated, well structured content and information architecture. To be ready for tomorrow you must start getting ready today. Actually, yesterday would have been better but there is no time like the present.

Information Architecture Strategy

Every digital interaction throughout your operation is dependent upon the information framework you have built to support it. Enterprises—especially complex ones—need a common language for information and data. Without it processes, people, and systems don’t talk. Keep the lines of communication open with a robust information architecture strategy.

We offer strategic consulting and hands-on delivery of knowledge engineering solutions designed for business impact.

Defining and implementing a knowledge engineering strategy will enable your organization to achieve significant process innovation, cost efficiencies, and user satisfaction.


Leverage information to find new efficiencies and competitive advantage.


Leap ahead of competition through increased visibility to business drivers and pitfalls.


Create a unique user experience through a balance of information findability and process efficiency.


Simplify the business while reducing risk and providing improved alignment to objectives.

What People Are Saying

We're proud of the work we do and pleased to share feedback from our amazing clients.

“The value that Earley brought was visible from the beginning—helping us to arrive at a consensus and a path forward.”

High-Tech Manufacturer

VP Product Management

“This is awesome, you have exceeded my expectations on what I thought was possible.”

Mike Barton

President, Allstate Business Insurance

“We spent millions upgrading technology ….  Looking back, I’d get the taxonomy right from the beginning.”

$8B Scientific Equipment Maker

Chief Marketing Officer

“I can say in the short time I have known EIS they have been a perfect partner and have no doubt our partnership will even get stronger and realize phenomenal outcomes.”

Multinational Industrial Manufacturer

Senior Director, MDM


Allstate’s Intelligent Agent Reduces Call Center Traffic and Provides Help During Quoting Process

Frustrated business insurance agents struggled with complex online quoting system for new insurance products were overloading call centers looking for help. To solve this problem an integrated context sensitive help system was implemented that knows who you are, where you are, and where in the quote process you are. Its avatar driven interface talks agents through the quoting process in plain language.

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