Build Better Bots For Agents and Customers With Knowledge Architecture

Guest speaker Henry Truong, VP, Enterprise Solutions at , and Seth Earley, CEO of Earley Information Systems (EIS) shared insights wi...

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Build Better Bots For Agents and Customers With Knowledge Architecture

August 5, 2021

Guest speaker Henry Truong, VP, Enterprise Solutions at , and Seth Earley, CEO of Earley Information Systems (EIS) shared insights wi...

The Business Value of Taxonomy Panel Discussion – Key Take Aways

July 30, 2021

Taxonomy is a critical component of data-driven applications and processes, but implementing and sustaining a program can pose a challenge. ...

Knowledge Architecture - The Path to Automating Customer Support Interactions

April 22, 2021

Recorded - available as on demand webcast There is an ever increasing focus on reducing customer support costs while improving customer sati...

Tackling Complex Product Configuration Documentation Challenges with Component Content

January 20, 2021

Any organization that sells a solution with many options, components, or parts has a significant challenge when it comes to providing docume...

How Information Architecture Improves Customer Experience

October 16, 2020

As executives look for ways to improve the customer experience, it is important to realize that a good customer experience assumes you have ...

A Pragmatic Approach to Digital Transformation

March 9, 2020

Everyone is talking about digital transformation, but few organizations are implementing it in a practical way. Digital transformation requi...

The Unsung Cost Benefits of Information Curation (and the High Costs of Ignoring It)

January 16, 2019

Information managers need to be able to quantify the value of information curation, because otherwise justifying its cost can be difficult. ...

Digital Transformation: What it means

December 11, 2018

Many life events can justifiably be called a transformation, and their effect is pervasive. Moving to another country, for example, may requ...

Bridging Silos and Managing Change During Digital Transformations

November 12, 2018

“There’s No Budget for the Common Good” Organizations have been using digital technologies for decades, but the last several years have seen...

Differentiating Your Company through the User Experience

July 18, 2018

How to integrate Content, Product Data and Knowledge to Meet Your Customer’s Needs Organizations are continuing the never-ending journey of ...

Enterprise Adoption of AI Technology: Looking ahead to 2018

January 17, 2018

Recorded - available as on demand webcast Though media, analysts and vendors are ushering in the AI revolution with gusto, the reality in mo...

Enterprise Adoption of AI

January 15, 2018

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) still has an air of mystery about it experiments with machine intelligence tools and AI applications are ...

Physical to Digital – How the Grocery Sector is Poised for Transformation

October 19, 2017

Covid Is Accelerating Transformation of the Grocery Industry The grocery industry is the last major retail sector to seriously address consu...

How to Design Successful Governance Programs

October 3, 2017

Herding cats. Lack of management support. Not my job. A distraction. So much governance behavior can be described as a “people problem,” whe...

Ontologies for ecommerce personalization - going beyond taxonomies

September 26, 2017

Knowledge is continually evolving, with new designs and discoveries leading to innovation across all industries. Sellers of technical produc...

How Taxonomy Enables Innovation in B2B Ecommerce

September 20, 2017

Taxonomies have evolved over the years from being a way to navigate a website to providing the underpinnings of advanced ecommerce innovatio...

Predicting ROI: Is Your Customer Experience Project Worth It?

August 3, 2017

So, your digital merchandising team needs some help with their online customer experience. That's great! The first step is admitting you hav...

Wordmap Makes Taxonomy Creation Simple

May 25, 2017

One of the challenges of the information age is helping people find things. There are many ways to do this, but they all boil down to improv...

Brand Choreography - How Product Information Supports Your Brand Promise

March 15, 2017

Recorded - available as on demand webcast Your customers have rising expectations about their digital experience across every channel and to...

Taxonomy vs Taxonomy vs Taxonomy

February 21, 2017

The term “taxonomy” is used in many ways, and therefore can be confusing. Taxonomy has many use cases and many different functions.  Google ...

Knowledge Management and User Engagement – Weaving the Experience into Work Practices

January 26, 2017

Organizations are maturing in their understanding of knowledge management.  But true engagement and acceptance is still a major obstacle to ...

A New Approach to Data, Content and Knowledge Management - Do it Right

November 14, 2016

Our information landscape is changing faster than ever – solving problems in the short term while preparing for the future requires a differ...

Designing the Next Generation of Content Strategy

October 26, 2016

Recorded - available as on demand webcast How to make your content work with the new marketing technology The new generation of marketing so...

How Metadata Runs The World

August 15, 2016

Ask Google, Facebook, Uber or any of the $billion startups (the so called unicorns) out there if metadata runs the world.  A friend sent me ...

Site Search: The Battle for Relevance

July 19, 2016

Recorded - available as on demand webcast Your site is under constant scrutiny by Google, and much of your content strategy is geared toward...

9 Signs of a Great Display Taxonomy

June 6, 2016

Companies make use of many taxonomies to organize information about their product line. One of the most important of these is the display ta...

Semantic Tagging and Data Mining to Improve SEO

May 17, 2016

What do we mean by “semantic tagging”?  Isn’t that just tagging? The answer is yes and no. Semantics refers to the study of meaning.  Taggin...

Smart Merchandising – Inspired by Artificial Intelligence

April 21, 2016

“If artificial intelligence has its way, discounting could disappear, thanks to software that tells retailers exactly what and how many prod...

OK so Enterprise Search is "Janky" - Now what?

April 20, 2016

Recorded - available as on demand webcast Search for the enterprise seems to have hit a wall. Bad search is the top complaint of users inter...

Differentiating with digital assets: which stage are you in?

March 24, 2016

Today’s shoppers are visually-influenced, and simultaneously engaging across a greater variety of touch points than ever before. Rising comp...

How to Improve Search Results with Auto-Classification

January 7, 2016

A very common complaint from people using content management systems is “Search doesn’t work.” Now, that’s a broad statement and probably ne...

Turbocharge Your SharePoint Search Engine with Auto-Classification

December 15, 2015

Recorded - available as on demand webcast Enterprise Search can be complicated, confusing and time-consuming. According to IDC, 36% of a kno...

Office Supply Retailer Goes Endless Aisle for Digital Transformation

November 23, 2015

When an office supplies chain found that in-store sales were lagging, a series of strategic decisions were made to improve the top and botto...

Digital Marketing in the Age of Big Data

October 14, 2015

Digital Marketing is the subject and focus of so many things nowadays that many have come to accept the axiom that “all marketing is digital...

Assessing Your Ecommerce Website – The Value of Heuristics and Logs

October 14, 2015

When EIS evaluates an ecommerce website we judge it according to a collection of heuristics.  A heuristic gives us a way to compare what is ...

Navigating the Marketing Technology Landscape

August 27, 2015

Recorded - available as on demand webcast What’s in your marketing technology stack? How will you choose from 2,000 or so vendors as you bui...

Does your site present search results effectively, or make visitors flee?

August 19, 2015

After a prospective customer has gone through an Internet search, successfully arrived at your company’s website, and searched for the speci...

How to Use Site Search to Drive Conversions and Create Customers

August 12, 2015

Recorded - available as on demand webcast If you have not optimized site search on your digital commerce site, you are losing money. Accordi...

Aggregate Content: Why You Need to Have It

March 16, 2015

In today’s world of content and data coming from multiple sources and in multiple formats, the idea of aggregate content is one of much disc...

Searchandising - Making the Customer Feel Special Every Time She Searches

March 7, 2015

In today’s highly competitive and ubiquitous ecommerce environment, offering a fresh and personalized experience is more critical than ever....

Knowledge is Power: Context-Driven Digital Transformation

January 27, 2015

There was a time when digital transformation was considered a strategic vision for how organizations evolve from a traditional model of cust...

Maximize Your Ecommerce Search Box With Autocomplete and Autosuggest

December 11, 2014

Many of today’s ecommerce platforms offer the ability to create and curate search suggestions using type-ahead lists within the search box. ...

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